Melanie Ogunwale

Teachers are expert empaths, curriculum designers, researchers, and analyzers. There is so much overlap between these roles. Here’s how:

A teacher’s desk with a bulletin board filled with art on wall behind.
A place I rarely sit!

The portfolio of skills needed to teach is vast. Underestimated as it is, teaching can be somewhat of a precarious job that involves intricate balance between many parties of people.

In an organization, the teacher is expected to improvise past their trained competency. Things just need to work as best as they can in the time and resource that one has…

Every weekend across the US rollerskaters have enjoyed the American pastime of rollerskating. However, Covid 19 put a stop to all of this.

Pictured: Nick Blast on his custom made skates at the Golden Skate Rollerskating Rink in San Ramon, California before Covid-19 shut downs.

With rising costs, a strained economy, and shuttering family businesses is it possible that this is the beginning of the end to what we know as Skate Night?

It’s an evening in the Golden Gate Park, normally a sparsely frequented place on Friday nights but, at rush hour skaters…

A few thoughts on an important UI element.

As an art teacher and an aspiring UX Designer I become fascinated when the two disciplines overlap. Today I’ll mention pragmatic definitions of icons, show a few examples, and share some uses of icons throughout art history.

So what is an icon…

@ Review of Usability, Accessibility, and Dark Patterns of Facebook

Image Source: Dado Ruvić/Reuters

I wanted to delve into what it means to be a top grossing social media giant by taking a closer look at Facebook and the practices on it’s likely large UX team. I am doing a review on the topic of usability, accessibility, and it’s dark patterns.

I can recall…

Melanie Ogunwale

User Experience Designer. Part of a long line of Expert Rollerskaters, Artists, and Green Thumbs.

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