@ Review of Usability, Accessibility, and Dark Patterns of Facebook

Image Source: Dado Ruvić/Reuters
Image Source: https://www.labnol.org/internet/why-facebook-blue-in-color/17811/



Facebook’s sign up page has multiple affordances.
Consistent format has kept Facebook a usable interface. Source:https://jrichardperez.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/facebook-timeline-16/
This tool tip appears if you forget your password.


Tool tip hovers over the field to help with error recovery. I’m especially curious about the last suggestion.


Under the nav bar settings the “Give Feedback” is prioritize and high on the navigation hierarchy making it easy for users to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction.
This form helps you send feedback to Facebook on how to make your experience better. Notice the amount of options that help you share your thoughts.


The old Facebook had high contrast black and white text and background.
Now Facebook features a high contrast “dark mode” option in addition to UI that is spaced out more to provide higher readability for those who experience visual and fine motor impairments.

Dark Patterns


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